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School Policy



If a student is absent from school, late to arrive to school, or if the district has requested that you write a note to the school, please contact the front office.


The following guidelines apply.
I. Legal Requirements state:
• Schools must develop and post a visitor’s policy.
• All campus visitors must have the consent and approval of the principal/designee. Permission to visit must be given at the time requested if at all possible or within a reasonable period of time following the request. This does not preclude visits occurring on the same day as requested.
• Children who are not enrolled at the school are not to be on the campus unless prior approval of the principal/designee has been obtained.
• Parents do have the right to:
      (1) be informed in advance of the procedures for visiting the school.
      (2) request and obtain approval of the principal/designee to enter a school campus.
      (3) observe in the classroom or classrooms in which their child is enrolled within a reasonable period of time after making a request.
     (4) observe in the classroom or classrooms for the purpose of selecting the school in which their child will be enrolled, within a       reasonable period of time after making a request.
    (5) request a meeting with the classroom teacher and/or school principal/designee following the observation.
    (6) meet with their child’s teacher(s) and/or the school principal/designee, within a reasonable period of time after making a request.
• Parents do not have the right to:
     (1) willfully interfere with the discipline, order, or conduct in any school classroom or activity with the intent to disrupt, obstruct, or inflict  damage to property or bodily injury upon any person.
     (2) disrupt class work, extracurricular activities or cause disorder in a place where a school employee is required to perform his or her  duties.


Schools may adopt dress codes that are reasonably related to the health and safety of students. School dress codes and uniform policies must be implemented in a manner consistent with the rights set forth in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and Section 2 of Article 1 of the California Constitution. The California legislature has determined that ―gang apparel is hazardous to the health and safety of the school environment, and therefore, the wearing of such apparel may be restricted. All dress codes must be gender neutral; students cannot be disciplined or prevented from wearing attire that is commonly associated with the other gender.
 A. All students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness, health, neatness, safety and suitability of clothing and appearance for school activities. In every case the dress and grooming of the student shall be clean and shall not:
 Cause actual distraction from or disturbance in any school activity or actually interfere with the participation of a student in any school activity
 Create a hazard to the safety of him/herself or others
 Create a health hazard